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21 Days to Better Sleep

If it takes 21 days to instill a new habit, let’s get started with the most important foundation to your health = sleep

Summary of 21 days

Day 1

– Go To Bed!

– No tech 90 – no tech 90 minutes before you go to bed

– Blue blocking glasses to eliminate blue light

– F.lux for MAC computers

Day 2

– Get outside in the morning

Day 3

Planning your sleep schedule

Day 4

Benefits of sleeping in a cool room – 60 and 67 degrees

Day 5

Day 6

Sleep noise-white noise, brown noise, pink noise, blue noise

Day 7

That’s right, if you don’t sleep you will die

Day 8

So how much sleep do you really need?

Day 9

Normal Sleep Cycle & Circadian Rhythm Should Look Like & What Happens When It Breaks

Day 10

Sleep deprivation and weight gain

Day 11

Sleep deprivation and hormone imbalance (a deeper dive, this is important!)

Day 12

Sleep and Testosterone

Day 13

How Sleep Affects Mental Health

Day 14

Everything is connected

Day 15

Keep Consistent Sleep and Wake Cycles

Day 16

Yes – sleeping colder matters!

Day 17

How does alcohol affect your sleep?

Day 18

Understanding sleep stages

Day 19

Turning off your mind

Day 20

Yes, you can sleep too much

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