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Good as New! Hip Replacement Journey – Success!

Not having gone through anything like this previously I had no idea what to expect. My hope was that based on my relatively good health, positive mental perspective, phenomenal support system and preventative health practices, I would recover very quickly and end up even stronger, ultimately.

I’m happy to report that all is good.

I want to share some of the things I’ve been doing preventatively prior to surgery that I believe aided in my speedy recovery.

Brief backstory – I’ve been involved in athletics in some form or another most of my life. In the spring of 2020, my range of motion began to noticeably decrease. Over time this grew worse, discovered the hip joint on right had little cartilage and the bone ball was no longer round. I had hoped that stem cell injections and ongoing therapy would improve the problem, but it continued to get worse, and pain was a daily issue. Met with surgeon Jan 12, 2022 – his summary was that this does not get better, and I have two choices; live the worsening pain and limited mobility (which would continue to get worse) and ultimately have surgery or have surgery and get back to doing the things I love. I booked the surgery before leaving his office.

I had 23 days to prepare. I increased my yoga sessions and was careful at the gym to push hard but not overdo. I kept up on PT/traction visits. I doubled up on glute muscle stim treatments at the med spa. I had just finished my 10 day NAD course so I knew I was ready cellularly. This was a great time to add back in a few peptides to support internal repair.

GHK-Cu, TB-500, TB-500

Day 7 post surgery – NAD drip and Fast Vitamin push (see below)

Platinum LED IR/NIR panel – 10 minutes daily

Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments day 6, 8, 12

Fast Push Vitamin (have had 4 leading up to surgery and one on Day 7)

Depending on where you live, almost all these wellness options are also available to you and do not have to break the bank.

I’m not superhuman. What I have done, for decades, is take persistent, consistent actions to better my health.

And I’m not “just lucky” either.

Family history:

Brother - heart attack in 40’s

Mom – heart attack 50, stents, high cholesterol, high blood pressure

Grandma – maternal, dementia

Grandpa – maternal, heart disease

Uncle 1 – maternal, died of cancer

Uncle 2 – maternal, heart attack, high blood pressure

Dad – died of cancer

With my family history I should be a mess.

So, my point is, start today. Whatever you’ve been putting off taking action on, in regard to your health, start.

Just start.

Start NOW!

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