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Healthy Habits that Stick

Updated: Apr 28

I'm listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear again, and one of the most striking points he makes is about changing the way we view who we are vs reaching a specific goal. For example, the goal is not to run a marathon, it's to become a runner. The goal is not to become a meditator, it's to bring more calm and focus into your life. The goal is not to write a book, the goal is to become a writer. Once you adopt the identity of the goal you're pursuing, you then act in alignment with type of person you see yourself to be.

Understanding why you are making the change also helps you stay focused when you try to sabotage yourself. Another real secret to developing healthy habits is to make them something you look forward to.

Using Clear's methodology helps me create new goals; specifically how to construct them, understand what they mean to me and what they will mean as I bring them to fruition.



What will it take

What are the excuses you use

Don't skip this part!! Take the time to work through each one of the above. I cannot stress this enough.

"We don't rise to the level of our goals but we fall to the level of our systems." - James Clear 

YES, absolutely brilliant!

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