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Making excuses...

So, I'm confused. And I'm looking for clarity, because I really am trying to understand.

I just returned from a leadership conference where I presented on the importance of personal health and wellness, as a leader. The presentation covers many aspects including sleep, movement and food.

I'm consistently amazed as how many people say they can't eat healthy because of travel obligations and business dinners.

I just don't get it.

I eat out, a LOT. When we travel (which is ramping up again) I also eat out a LOT. At conferences we are often fed food that is not the best in terms of quality and of course there is always an excess of desserts, breads, pasta, soda, granola bars and other junk.

But I still have the ability to choose what I put into my mouth!

I'm at DTW right now - here's what I had for lunch...

Make choices that support how you want to feel. No you don't have to order the nachos to "treat yourself" or eat the full basket of fries, or have three beers and dessert. No, you don't have to grab the breakfast pastry, potatoes, fruit and fruit juice - unless to want to experience a sugar crash like a junkie coming down from heroin.

Business lunches and dinners are easy - you have a menu yes?

Eating crap IS A CHOICE!

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