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Week 2 – HRT Therapy

Updated: Apr 28

End of Week 2 HRT – some minor side effects

All in all, things are going great. The minor side effects are water retention and feeling a bit more fatigued and experiencing puffiness if I don’t get in enough water. The level of fatigue may also be due to increased obligations and responsibilities that have kept me on a bit of a tightrope – will report more on this next week.

I completely forgot to share my supplements list, so here goes. I want to preface this by saying that my process didn’t all start at once – I’ve added and subtracted things for years depending on training schedules, travel, etc. I also stop everything a couple times a year so my body can just “be.”

Chlorella and Spirulina tabs – 1 take a small handful 2-3 times daily and go through 2 bags of these each month – the brand and benefits here:

This is the sports drink mix I use Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun mornings at the gym (non-fasting mornings)

HumanN Neo 40 1 chewable tab daily – I really notice a difference when not using this.

Ultra Cordygen VO2 I’ve used this for years and definitely feel a difference in endurance capacity when I stop using

Berberine – 3 caps per day – definite improvement in skin texture

Tumeric – anti-inflammatory

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