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Become your own healthcare advocate

Once upon a time, it was believed that whatever our doctor(s) told us, was absolutely, 100% the truth - because they were the experts.

It was also believed there were only nine planets in the solar system ;)

I'm in no way knocking doctor's or their expertise. But times have changed. Our bodily processes are much more complex combined with the very eclectic mixture of lifestyles, external environmental stresses and bastardization of our food supply.

My previous primary care doc recently retired and I now have a new, young, very nice doc. I had to get testing done prior to my hip replacement surgery that included bloodwork, cholesterol, etc.

I knew I'd get the call - your total cholesterol is high, we've got to get you on statins.

Here we go again...

I asked the doc if he'd looked at my previous testing history? Had he looked at the NMR testing results? ApoA & ApoB numbers...

He hadn't, but said the total number was high. Me, not being the expert, told him that we both know a total number is not indicative of health or what's going on inside the body.

In no way am I the expert. But I DO research, monitor and keep track of what's going on in my body. Heart disease runs in my family and I have no desire to be a statistic.

It has never been more important for you to become your own healthcare advocate.

Before you let anyone just prescribe medications, do the research. Learn about why/what/how the "condition" you have requires medication and whether or not you can make positive changes through other lifestyle modifications.

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