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Week 1 Hormone Optimization Therapy – The Journey Begins

Hormonal decline is a natural component of the aging process, and something that as a post-menopause-ee, I’ve been led to believe, is just something I have to live with.

Thanks to the Human Genome Project, a deeper understanding of what happens to our bodies has evolved, and the fields of Epigenetics and Anti-Aging Medicine now offer insight and options to how we age, and more importantly, how to impact decline.

So let me be clear on couple things – I’m not seeking the “Fountain of Youth” or how to reverse time or live to 180 (like Dave Asprey   I’m 54 and darn happy with it!  What I want, is to optimize and maximize how I feel (and decline) based on options that are now available.

HOT is a very controversial topic, riddled with misinformation, which is why I’m working with a doctor and not experimenting on my own.  A great place to start learning more is

I met with Dr. Tom Nabity at Michigan Center For Regenerative Medicine.  We spent a great deal of time discussing symptoms and impact of my life and lifestyle.  The next step was to get bloodwork done so we could get a clearer picture of what’s going on. 

The test results are incredibly comprehensive and indicated that from an overall health standpoint, my body is doing great – except for hormone levels, which were all suboptimal.

This is what we found:

Hormone Level (1/31/19) Optimal Level

Estrogen (Estrodiol E2) 16.3 80-85

Progesterone <0.21 10-30

DHEA 80.9 200-300

Testosterone (Total)                 19                         70-82

Testosterone (Free)                  0.1                        2-4

IGF-1 142 110-160

Clearly, I have room for improvements, and my optimal levels will be determined through trial and error.  This means that my progesterone, for example, may be best for me at 17 or 27, as all other hormones elevate…I love being a science experiment.

Below is resulting protocol I’ll follow for the first 8 weeks. Then we’ll re-test the bloodwork and re-calibrate.

1.) Oral Estradiol 1mg capsule

– Benefits: Heart Disease Protection, stroke, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, memory, UTI’s, Vaginal Atrophy, macular degeneration, cataracts, prevents hot flashes, prevents balance issues, prevents neurodegeneration.

2.) Progesterone 100mg Sublingual Tab

– Benefits: Moderates and Balances Estrogen, Reduces fluid Retention/ Bloating / Headaches/ fibroids, Bone and lipid health, Protects against uterine and breast Carcinoma/ ovarian cysts.

3.) Testosterone Cream (20mg/g 2%) Lipoderm base

– Benefits: well-being, energy, strength, endurance, sexual function, clitoral sensitivity, bone density, reduce visceral fat, maintain muscle mass, maintain metabolism, decrease wrinkles and cellulite, improve collagen and skin thickness.

4.) DHEA 10mg SR caps (micronized Sustained Release)

– Benefits: Reduce Cardiovascular disease, reduce visceral fat, stimulate immune system, sexual vitality, mood, decrease cholesterol, decrease body fat, increase energy, improve memory, antidepressant, anti-cancer, better sleep, restores other hormones, improves insulin sensitivity.

5) CJC-1295 (NO DAC) 2000mcg + Ipamorelin 2000mcg combo x 2ml vial (HGH Peptides) (Human Growth Hormone) Benefits:

Improves Healing capacity, improves fat-loss, reduces bodyfat storage, Keeps collagen in body tissue and skin healthy, reduce visceral fat, deeper sleep, naturally increases Human Growth Hormone levels.

I’ll keep a journal of my progress and share changes as they occur.

Please note, I’m not a doctor nor advocating or giving medical advice. The journey is mine alone, and being shared for informational purposes.

Tomorrow I’ll share a listing of all the supplements I currently use.


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