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WHOOP - Using a fitness tracker

I’ve mostly avoided the fitness tracker devices in the past few years, telling myself that I just need to listen to my body.

However, as they’ve become more sophisticated and are now tracking heart rate, rest, recovery and making recommendations for activity exertion levels, I decided to get myself one.

After researching, what I really wanted was the Oura Ring (all sorts of bells and whistles) but decided against as I wouldn’t actually wear during workouts. Settled on the WHOOP 3.0 – not fancy but functional.

So far, other than caloric expenditure being highly exaggerated, the HRV and recommendations have proven insightful.

Instead of fighting any of the data and recommendations, I let go of my ego (as much as that’s possible) and adjusted accordingly.

The results so far (three weeks in) is that my workouts are better (pushing more weight than previously without feeling wiped out), I’m more rested and energetic throughout the day. My actual sleep recovery has improved – meaning my body is recovering during rest and is repairing.

Maybe it’s placebo, maybe it’s really helping – in either case – it’s working!

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